Tak Niro Behin Company It is one of the Iranian engineering companies located in Yazd province, and it is active in the field of investment and implementation of power plant, energy, water, wastewater treatment and ancillary industries related to these fields. This company is one of the group of companies of the Yazd Power Plant Employees’ Cooperative Group (Tek Niro), which was established in 2017 with the purpose of carrying out all the projects of the Tek Niro Group, and all the project records and expert staff of Tek Niro were transferred to Behin Company and with the possession of Experienced and experienced technical staff works.

Tek Niro Behin Company has specialized staff in various fields and provides engineering services in the field of power plant industries. The technical staff of the company in the specialized fields of electricity, mechanics, chemistry, control and precision instruments, planning, project control, safety, estimation, meters, commissioning, control and protection, distribution, repairs, engineering and operation of gas, steam and cycle power plants. Combined, utility refineries of the country, etc. operate.

The aim of this company is to satisfy the employers by providing competitive proposals and by providing engineering services, repairs and appropriate operation by creating desirability in the three factors of quality, time and cost of the project. Commitment and deep attention to meeting the needs of employers is the main policy of Tek Niro company employees and is considered as an important principle by them.

Company at a glance

Company at a glance
Existing power plantsPower plants under construction
Garizat 2.5 MW solar power plantKhatam 10 MW solar power plant50 MW GEF5 gas power plant
with 12% ownershipin a land of 20 hectares24% participation
In the production circuitProgress percentage: 30%Progress percentage: 45%
540 watt panel

Number of installed panels


Total capacity installed and being installed

megawatt hours

Electricity generated

million rials

Investment made

Licenses and certificates

Behin Takniro

Operation and maintenance license for gas units up to 350 megawatts

License to operate and maintain steam units up to 100 MW

License to operate and maintain combined cycle units up to 300 MW

License to repair gas units

License for diesel generator repairs

License to repair steam units

License to confirm contractor qualifications

Safety approval permit

Electricity retail license

Board of Directors

Farhad Maqdisian


Hamid Reza Salehi

Chairman of the Board

Mahmoud Etemadi Far

Vice Chairman of the Board

Vahid Salehi

Board Secretary

Mehdi Abran

Board member

Jamaluddin Azizi

Board member

Executive capabilities of Takniro Behin Yazd

Operation and repairs of all types of gas, steam and combined cycle power plant units (O & M)

Installation of equipment and start-up of power generation units (gas, steam and combined cycle units)

Basic and semi-basic repairs of gas, steam and combined cycle power plant units (BBC, GE, A NSALDO, SIEMENS and…)

Basic and semi-basic repairs of gas and diesel generator engines (MTU, CATERPILLAR, MWM and…)

Supervision of major repairs – start-up and operation of power plants

Fixing all mechanical, structural, electrical, precision instruments, DCS system, installation and commissioning of power plant units or equipment

Making and fixing all the defects of power panels of power plant industries

Setting up and operating and repairing all types of steam boilers, gas turbines and auxiliary systems

Installation of generator and turbine enclosures for power plant units

Implementation of piping and insulation of all piping of steam, gas or combined cycle units.

Calibrating all kinds of gauges and transmitters and transducers of precision instruments

Design and implementation of addressable and conventional fire alarm and extinguishing systems

Implementation of EPC of substations and electrical equipment of power plants, implementation of EPC of common facilities (BOP) of power plants, implementation of EPC of distributed generation and CHP projects.

Construction and operation of CHP power plant

Implementation of SYNCHRONIZER generators, setup and construction of relevant panels

Implementation of telecommunication systems in industrial units and power plants


Khatam Solar Power Plant

Bandarakhshak gas power plant

Garizat Solar Power Plant

Single power distributed generation power plant

Install and run

Garizat Solar Power Plant
2.5 MW

Khatam Solar Power Plant
10 MW


Shahid Zanbag gas power plant
100 MW

Takniroo distributed generation power plant
6 MW


Shahid Zanbag gas power plant
100 MW

Bandar Abbas gas power plant

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